Underground Utilities

Underground Utility Installation

Corell Contractor understands the importance of quality underground utility installation. Water systems, sanitary sewer lines, and storm drainage systems are critical to the safety and function of everyday life for cities and businesses, and their longevity and reliability is crucial.

Whether it’s sewer and water systems from new, single-family subdivisions or difficult, reconstructive municipal projects, Corell has the experience to construct your utility project. When the depth, soil conditions, or other confinements exist, clients continue to return to Corell for their underground utility installation. We evaluate the bedding, correct pipe materials, and proper soil moisture and density backfill to successfully complete your project.

Expert Utility Contractors in Des Moines

Technique is everything when paving or structural considerations depend on trench backfill. As the longest-standing excavation and underground utility contractor in Des Moines, you can trust that our team in the trenches is using the best equipment and technology to deliver accuracy and precision for every project, every time.

Corell Contractor’s underground utilities services do not include residential plumbing or septic systems for homeowners.