Award-winning Asphalt & Recycling Facility in Des Moines

Corell Recycling is a division of Corell Contractor and a leader in the commercial recycling industry. With over 20 years of experience in recycling concrete and asphalt, the Iowa Department of Transportation uses Corell Recycling as a standard for recycling in Iowa. Our efforts are maximizing recycling in the construction industry and reducing the amount of landfill waste in our area, and we have hundreds of thousands of tons in recycled aggregate to show for it. All of the broken concrete and asphalt that comes into our recycling facility leaves as 100% reusable aggregate.

In 2005, Corell Recycling received the national award for Concrete & Asphalt Recycler of the Year from the Construction Materials Recycling Association. We have invested major efforts in increasing the efficiency of recycling construction materials and diminishing the carbon footprint of the industry. We accept a variety of materials from both local contractors and the general public, including clean, broken concrete and asphalt . We use our recycled aggregate for our own projects and know their best uses. With this experience, we can help you find the right material for your project, application, and budget.

Recycle Your Broken Concrete

When a local contractor, city municipality, or a customer comes in with broken concrete or asphalt they have no use for, we repurpose that material for reuse. After the material is broken down by our rock-crushing equipment, it is screened to various sizes and gradations. We can then sell it back to local construction, municipal, and public markets for new projects.

Uses for Recycled Aggregate

These new aggregate products can be used for fill and base material, pipe bedding, stabilization material, and cover material for roads, driveways, and parking lots. We will work with you to find the best material for your project’s specifications and budget.

For more information about the recycled aggregate we supply, see our Pricing Sheet.

Our reliability holds true in every service we offer; even in our recycling, Corell Contractor can produce the quantity of recycled aggregate you need and deliver it on time every time.